Safety in Honduras

Why skip Honduras?

About safety in Honduras. On my recent trip to Guatemala I was asked the same question over and over again. What is the best way to get to Nicaragua and skip Honduras? I was totally unaware that this was even something to consider. While people feel absolutely at ease in Guatemala, apparently the word Honduras makes them feel unsafe and brings up the safety in Honduras question. So why is this the case?

Most likely this is still one of the after effects of the so called military coup of 2009. Honduras disposed of their somewhat criminal president (it’s a long story), and because of that acquired some of the worst reputations one could get. And as it goes with the news, problems and disasters make it on the news, but nobody bothers to report once everything goes back to normal.

Is it justified?

So here the question. Is it justified to feel the need to skip Honduras? If you’ve been told so several times before, than probably yes. But should you skip Honduras? Absolutely not!!! Honduras is a wonderful country, full of exceptional things to see, and some of the kindest people I have ever met. It would be a real pity not to give this oh so scenic country a fair shot.

As safe as Guatemala and the surrounding countries

So, now the safety question. Is Honduras safe? As a visitor and tourist: yes! Honduras is easily as safe as Guatemala, and what people are always surprised to hear: As safe as New Orleans. In fact Honduras for not being a very touristy country, the pocket thieves and small robbers are not specialized on tourists at all like they would be in other countries. If they would have to rely on robbing tourists they would probably go broke.

So do people sometimes get robbed? I can’t remember how long ago it was since I’ve heard of somebody having been robbed. Probably it happens, but I have never found myself in any dodgy situations in over 20 years that I’ve been living here. As it goes for everywhere, you don’t want to be walking the streets of the big cities at night. And what will easily keep you out of trouble, is to just ask at your Hotel about where to go and where not.

And why shouldn’t I skip?

So why should you not skip Honduras? There are really endless reasons to give this beautiful country a shot. For me some of the most important ones being its natural beauty and the great diversity of landscape. Going from the highland Cloud forest, over Pine Savannah and evergreen lush lowland Rain forest, all the way to the Caribbean islands such as Utila, Roatan, and specially Cayos Cochinos and Guanaja.  Its culture and the now days so rarely found authenticity. And more than anything for its wonderful and absolutely genuine people, that come from an incredible variety of backgrounds that make Honduras a cultural melting pot!!!

Honduras has become my home, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It’s a wonderful country, full of things to discover, and what goes for us, we barely make it to the surrounding countries because we want to revisit so many places (it happens to many people here).

So give this beautiful country a chance. I am sure you will not regret it. Avoid the big cities (the magic happens away from them), and dive into what might become your favorite part of your trip. Feel free to contact me at any time for travel tips and to ask about my favorite places in Honduras (I love this place).

Travel on, and feel the magic…

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