About Guanaja

Visited by Columbus

Located about 45 miles from the Honduran mainland, the small island of Guanaja might be very similar to that perfect remote location you’ve been dreaming about. Guanaja was Christopher Columbus’s last stop before reaching the continent of America on his last trip to the New World in 1502.

Only three miles wide by seven miles long there are no cars on Roland’s side of Guanaja, and the only way to travel around the island is by water taxi. The people here have traditionally been fishermen, so Guanaja’s culture is very much linked to the ocean.

Where you might be the only visitor

Tourism is still in its infancy on Guanaja and if there are 50 tourists on the island at a time it would be considered very busy. Guanaja is part of Honduras, but is really its own little place that feels completely disconnected from the rest of the country and in some ways the rest of the world.

Mountains, Reefs & Wildlife

Rising out of the beautiful crystal clear Caribbean water to an elevation of 1,362 feet (415m), Guanaja is situated near the end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. The island is covered in rich vegetation and is a naturalist’s paradise.

It features some of the best Snorkeling, Hiking and Sea Kayaking you’ll find anywhere.

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